Panic Button Key Fob and Personal Safety Monitoring

Mobile and Lone workers face risks of attack, illness and injury as they work and travel on behalf of their employer.

Employers are exposed to significant litigation, fines and compensation claims if they do not take adequate steps to protect these employees.

Guardian provides the technology they need to mitigate these risks.

Guardian MPS panic button key fob

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Trusted Technology to make your employees safer

Guardian MPS panic alarm

The Guardian Fob is a panic alarm.

Employees can also Check In and Out of activities for a specific duration using our app. It’s a great back up to the panic alarm!

Safety monitoring system
If the panic button is pressed or if employees do not check out of an activity they have registered our server pushes an alarm to our monitoring center

All alarms, and overrun check ins, are notified immediately to the workers management team, with key essential information.

Our 24/7 highly trained security specialists will lead.

If required, they can dispatch law enforcement nearest to the workers location.

If something does go wrong, the worker can concentrate on de-escalation, knowing that help is on the way, without having to make a call, or share any details

Our specialist fob is discrete, with a quick access panic button

No special hardware needed
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Clever technology raises the alarm to our monitoring center at the touch of a button

No special hardware needed
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Immediate connection to highly trained security specialists who respond and dispatch law enforcement if the employee is at risk

Instant monitored panic alarm
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The worker is free to concentrate on the situation at hand because the clever technology sends who they are, where they are, and the monitoring centre specialist can hear what is going on.

Instant monitored panic alarm
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There is also a check in and out timed feature. If the worker doesn’t check out in time, an escalation process is triggered to determine their safety.

Instant monitored panic alarm
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Live reporting is available for managers to access via our online customer site.

Instant monitored panic alarm
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Why People Choose Us

  Specialized panic device

Quick access, easy to use panic button.  GuardianMPS can deliver best in class emergency response protection.

  Always Monitored

The heart of GuardianMPS is “people protecting people”. Our users feel safer when alerts, check-ins and locations are monitored around the clock, in case they need help.


GuardianMPS has one of the longest pedigrees in providing mobile worker protection, including being the UK market leader and protecting over 33,000 workers daily.