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Protecting Field Service Workers

High risk work environments left unchecked can be costly to an organization. Unnecessary costs and claims relating to sickness absence, decreased performance and workers’ compensation claims can be reduced by implementing a mobile worker safety solution such as Guardian MPS.


Whether disconnecting cable TV service, enforcing code violations or responding to service outages, field personnel often face irate customers. If workers are in the field by themselves, their personal safety is at a heightened risk in these environments. GuardianMPS allows these workers to discretely set off a panic alarm if/when threats arise, allowing them to try to reason with irate customers knowing that an Emergency Response Center has already been alerted to the potential of a dangerous situation.

Field workers who operate in dangerous environments run the risk of injury on the job without the ability to call for help in many situations. GuardianMPS provides these workers with the ability to set passive alarms, where the service calls them requesting a PIN number at pre-determined intervals. If they cannot answer because of injury the system immediately ties into an Emergency Response Center that has all of their personal details, a live audio feed as well as GPS location information when notifying the proper local authorities.

Field service workers are mobile workers and need mobile security tools.

Guardian MPS mobile worker safety system provides reassurance to staff that they have a team 24/7 ensuring their safety.

  • Staff can log in and out of their daily activities from a mobile device of their choice
  • If they have an overrun on an activity they will receive a call ensuring their safety 24/7
  • They have access to a Discrete Panic Alarm on their cell phone, allowing users to focus on their safety knowing that they have been connected to security services.
  • Panic Alarm includes a “Listen Live” feature for emergency response personnel to discretely assess the situation. If a situation escalates, emergency services are dispatched immediately.
  • Includes GPS location fixes
  • As with all Guardian MPS users, staff can control their own safety platform, setting when they want to be tracked and/or found all through the convenience of their cell phones.
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