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68% of hospital staff assaulted according to new poll


New Android App version released now. New features and some fixes.


Guardian Personal Safety Android app version gets an overhaul and adds some key new [...]

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New legislation introduced to establish a federal grant program to states to improve workplace safety for social workers.


"Social workers often work on the front lines in communities, mental health centers, hospitals, child [...]

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Massacheusetts Nurses Association say Health care employers must do more to protect vulnerable staff from workplace violence


Article date:Feb 20th 2017: Article By/Published by:Boston Globe On the 20th Of February 2017  Boston Globe [...]

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Workplace Violence Prevention in healthcare :OSHA states No worker should ever have to sacrifice personal-safety to earn a paycheck


"No worker should ever have to sacrifice their physical well-being to earn a paycheck." [...]

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Tennessee hero counselor’s previous training and experience helps talk teen out of planned shooting and prevents fatalities at Cheatham County middle school


""Sycamore Middle has been my home for almost 19 years, and the safety of our [...]

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