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New legislation introduced to establish a federal grant program to states to improve workplace safety for social workers.


"Social workers often work on the front lines in communities, mental health centers, hospitals, child [...]

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Massacheusetts Nurses Association say Health care employers must do more to protect vulnerable staff from workplace violence


Article date:Feb 20th 2017: Article By/Published by:Boston Globe On the 20th Of February 2017  Boston Globe [...]

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Workplace Violence Prevention in healthcare :OSHA states No worker should ever have to sacrifice personal-safety to earn a paycheck


"No worker should ever have to sacrifice their physical well-being to earn a paycheck." [...]

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Video:Montana Launches “Your Nurse Wears Combat Boots” anti healthcare workplace violence campaign – but will it cure the problem?


As Workplace Violence attacks in Healthcare are on the rise, a campaign with a tough [...]

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