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Peace of Mind for Employers, Mobile Workers and Individuals

Peace of Mind for Employers, Mobile Lone Workers and Individuals

Simple and easy to use personal protection alarm that works with your mobile.


Much more than a Panic Button app:With GuardianMPS you’re in safe hands.

GuardianMPS is a market leading Mobile worker safety and Working Alone Safety System.

Growing numbers of personal safety apps are becoming available on the internet for smartphones. These allow users to press a panic button in the event of an emergency. In the real world of personal violence or accident, very few of our 30,000 users ever pressed a panic button. They just don’t have time and are often totally incapacitated by the overwhelming fear and total surprise of the attack.

GuardianMPS provides activity login, covert panic alarm and GPS location fix to ensure the safety of mobile workers such as social workers or visiting nurses. Most mobile and lone workers are generally employees or representatives who are either isolated in their working/office environment or who work unsupervised outside a shared office.

GuardianMPS can be used on devices such as a BlackBerry® smartphone, iPhone, Android smartphone, Windows PDA, Mobile Phone or specialist Mobile Worker Panic Alarm Device. It allows users to log their whereabouts leaving details of their location and the expected duration. Should their safety be compromised the user can discreetly press a panic alarm (even if the keypad is locked) on a chosen device to summon emergency assistance.

With the increased threat of workplace violence, ensuring the safety of mobile and lone workers has never been more important.

>> Watch the video to see how GuardianMPS protects mobile workers, ensures the safety of lone workers and supports the vulnerable.



Panic Activation

Why People Choose Us

  • On-going support
  • Peace of mind for out of hours and mobile working staff
  • Duty of care is adhered to by using Guardian MPS
  • CHECK IN - Mobile worker logs an activity, meeting or visit with an agreed check-in time after the event
  • DISCREET PANIC ALARM - at the touch of one button on a mobile phone
  • GPS LOCATION FIXES - determines location of the mobile worker

What our customers say

“Our employees feel more confident knowing that their safety is being monitored by a professional body and don't have to rely on other members of staff.”

“Our visiting nurses play a critical role in supporting and enhancing the lives of their clients. Often this means treating clients in their own homes. The solution provided by Guardian MPS means we know where they are at all times, reassuring them and us that they are protected while doing their valuable work.”

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