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They work on their own, but they don’t have to be alone.

2 million American workers are victims of job related violence each year -OSHA GuardianMPS is the market leading Mobile Personal Safety System which serves to help protect a growing number of these mobile field and remote workers.

GuardianMPS is available on iPhone and Android smartphones (with some feature support for Blackberry and standard cellphones.)

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Some of our Customers

Trusted Technology to make you safer

Get help without the need for special hardware

Users of GuardianMPS need nothing more than a smartphone to notify their office and our 24/7 monitoring teams if things go wrong. We’ll handle the rest. GuardianMPS is a sophisticated emergency response co-ordination system and even though all you need is a phone – we’re so much more than just a “panic app.”

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Instant monitored panic alarm with the press of a button

When someone presses a panic button, they clearly need help, efficiently and fast. And when that happens, the one thing they need to understand is…they are not alone. We monitor panic alarms, so users feel safer and their team co-ordinators and supervisors sleep easier. When organizations like yours need more than a technology solution, GuardianMPS is designed to co-ordinate data and HUMANS to respond and help, exactly whenever and WHEREVER it’s needed.

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Check-in/Check-out safety check timers

Check-in safety check timers for our users ensure that GuardianMPS and their team supervisors are updated and aware of their status and location. Even if they lose cell signal, their phone is removed or even destroyed, we will know the moment they become unresponsive and can start the process of tracing them …and getting them help.

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24/7 Central Station Monitoring teams and pinpoint GPS location

When our users find themselves under threat or in danger, they can get help…fast. GuardianMPS has Central Station Monitoring teams connected directly to both alarm activations and all users details. When a user needs help, our teams know who they are, where they are, and have clear instructions on what we need to do.

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Instant background audio monitoring in Panic Mode

We’re right there with you when faced with a threatening situation. As soon as a GuardianMPS user presses that panic button, we have an open channel listening and recording all that is going on. We use this valuable tool to get our users help in the most efficient manner, sometimes that’s a 911 dispatch but in many cases it can also be their own team supervisors and co-workers.

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Customizable reports for team supervisors and co-ordinators

As a true enterprise grade system, GuardianMPS ensures simple creation and distribution of reports to provide an overview to those responsible for the safety of visiting or field workers.Reports are entirely customizable and available in all major file formats and can be exported, shared, emailed and printed at the click of a button.

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Why People Choose Us

No Specialized Hardware

If your mobile workers are equipped with a smartphone or even a basic mobile phone, GuardianMPS can deliver best in class emergency response protection.

Always Monitored

 The heart of GuardianMPS is “people protecting people”. Our users feel safer when alerts, check-ins and locations are monitored around the clock, in case they need help.


GuardianMPS has one of the longest pedigrees in providing mobile worker protection, including being the UK market leader and protecting over 33,000 workers daily.

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